Top 4 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Events

Many corporate organizations have their own business websites to post information about their products, services, and events. Many organizations also maintain a blog with fascinating and engaging articles, supported by images and relevant video links. However, in spite of putting their best efforts into these areas, they find it difficult to generate traffic numbers as per their projections. Now, the reason can be poor promotional strategies or the inability to explore the true potentiality of website and blog marketing tactics.

Hence, what you need to do first is to zero in the preferences of your target audience their likes and dislikes. Try to get in touch with existing and new customers through social media and accordingly work to resolve issues.


You can create a profile on Facebook, one of the leading and most-talked of social media sites globally. Facebook allows you to post multiple articles, images, website links, and videos on your personal profile page or on any business or community page. Ensure you regularly post all current and upcoming event schedules to keep the readers updated and engaged with your page and company activities. Also, make sure you post your events registration link or event ticketing link on your social profile page to allow the visitors register for the program instantly. You can even provide a link to your website or blog to let interested individuals to have a read through.


This micro-blogging site is increasingly used by professionals to tweet about their fundraisers, conferences, meetings, etc. on a daily basis. You can add a hash tag with every tweet for additional visibility. The main intention of adding hash tags is that they allow tweets to achieve top rankings on the Twitter search engine. People searching for events related information on the site will easily come across your series of tweets and some of them may register if they find the events of interest to them.


You can set up a profile on this largest business networking website to connect with like-minded professionals and business experts. You can post your event details on this site plus the hyperlink of your event registration platform to let people quickly register their names to attend the same. LinkedIn allows you to share innovative ideas and thoughts within your business network and develop long-lasting relationships with your LinkedIn connections.


Pinterest is the latest sensation amongst social media users. The site allows you to share or pin images and links in a bulletin board format. You can even categorize images and links as you like. Pinterest has over 10 million monthly unique users and has become a great tool to drive traffic for many websites.