Video Game Consoles – Great Gifts For All Ages

There’s really no denying it: playing video games is one of the most fun things that a person can do to pass the time. The great thing about it is that anyone who is interested, can just actually go and play it as long as he has a video game console of course. That would make this kind of game-playing experience rise up to the next level.

To the uninitiated, a video game console is a customized and interactive-entertainment computer system that gives you a video display signal that you can use to show a game onto a display appliance such as a television monitor. You need to differentiate this from the typical personal computer or those video arcade machines where you have to pay in order to play. A video game console is a machine that you purchase and use exclusively for playing video games.

The success and popularity of this game consoles has led to some sort of brand war between big names such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to name a few. In retrospect, this so-called “console war” has great benefits for the consumer since these companies are striving to be the better product, what with coming up with smaller yet more jam-packed with great game-playing elements, adding excellent features and even offering lower prices than the competition, if possible.

The thing about these game consoles is that its usage has surpassed its usage well further than merely for children and teenagers. Nowadays, even grown ups love them too. This is largely due to the fact that the assortment of this type of games that are available have a wider range that can catch the interest of just about any age bracket. These games are no longer solely on the subject of guns and ammo, but also about sports games, games based on book and movie titles and games that make it possible for you to interact with others and transport you into a different world as well.

With the holidays coming up, there is no doubt that a video game console would be the perfect gift for a hardcore gamer. However, you need not limit it to such. If you know someone who likes to play games or who you think would really enjoy it, you should go ahead and gift that person with one. Also, if you yourself find them enjoyable, then go ahead and buy one for yourself, you surely won’t regret it.

4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer

PC gaming is found to be much better than gaming consoles. There are several advantages of using PC games. To be frank I have tried using both, the consoles and playing on PC and trust me PC games have won my heart. It is not that I hate gaming consoles, but It Is that I like games of PC more. Even now at this age games do lure me and call me. I feel a certain drive towards them whenever I see anyone playing around.

The advantages of PC games that I have noticed in particular are as follows-

Affordable games

Video contests or the consoles are very much expensive. Hence buying them every now and then for a common person like me is a bit tough. All the games that are set in the PC can be played for free. No extra subscriptions are required to play like in the play stations. This requires monthly subscriptions in the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscriptions. Also if you are playing multiple player games then you don’t have to pay anything for it as extra charges like in the consoles.

Several types of games

Pc support a more lout of contests than the consoles. By this, you can be sure that you would not be missing out on any of the games. A third party game publisher does not have to stake in for a particular platform performance.

Also playing on the PC through keyboard and mouse offer the speed and accuracy that the games require and the gaming consoles cannot match. That is why one finds frequent gamers of games like Counter-Strike and the like much more active on PC rather on the consoles. So, it is natural that the action games have built their niche in the desktops.

Play how you want to play

This is another great aspect of playing contests on the PC. The PC games give you the freedom. After a long day of work and typing of the keyboard, I like to play games with it. The PC games differ here from the video games. They are wonderful options for choice and flexibility.

As real as you want it to be

The hardware inside your PC makes the gaming experience all the more better. While you play on Play Station 4 and Xbox One the resolution is between 720p and 1080p. This is the common range that television sets make use of. So, you can well imagine the quality of pictures you get on the PC. In PC you can actually choose the hardware you want to use and also the software.

All these features of the PC make games easy and better for the users. These are just the primary reasons why one should love PC games. If you can try playing games on both PC and a gaming console and find out the difference yourself.

Next Generation Game Consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

You probably spend the majority of the time playing either your Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation, or perhaps a little bit of each depending on which console you own. Have you ever asked yourself what is going to be next, I know I have, as they say curiosity killed that cat, but sometimes it’s good to know what is coming out next in technology.

Let’s start off with the Xbox 360, the next generation console or at least the pet name for now is the Xbox 720. The new features will include improved processors and parts, the console will also be completely redesigned, the release date is expected to be sometime in 2011, probably a few months before Christmas to improve sales. The release prices is expected to be around $600.00 USD.

The infamous Nintendo Wii is expected to be released with the next gaming console possible going to be called the Nintendo Gamesphere, although the pet name for now is just the “Nintendo Wii 2”. We can expect to see the same type of gameplay which involves physical movement, the designers are going to be more elaborate on getting the players involved. Once again we will see a new design and more features, the release price is expected to be somewhere around $350.00 USD.

PlayStation 3 to… PlayStation 4, that is really a no brainer. The Xbox and PlayStation have always been top competitors for the gaming consoles, we will definitely see the competition heat up with the next consoles coming out this year. The expected release price for the PlayStation 4 is somewhere around $550.00.